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Welcome to Shadoworks Animation studios


Shadoworks Animation is dedicated to the creation of fully immersive animated storytelling.


With our  animated stories you're not just watching you're living in an immersive world of imagination, sharing the journey of some strange and wonderous charcters.


Founded this year in 2020, Shadoworks is looking forward to developing content as a leading independent immersive animation studio.


We see a very bright future in the development of fully immersive animated films that will serve as thrilling  entertainment primarily for the ever expanding Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) community.

Shadoworks founder and creative director Mark Harrison has been taking great strides in pushing forward with two animated VR projects, Gangoul & Tricksy: A Halloween Tale and The Robot Scarcrow.

Mark has a long career in Animation and Visual Effects. In 2004 Mark took the role of VFX Supervisor on the ground breaking 'New Captain Scarlet' TV series. Since then Mark has worked on more than twenty feature films, including 'Harry Potter', Star Trek and 'Mission Impossible' francises.



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