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GanGoul & Tricksy:A Halloween TALe

Gangoul & Tricksy is a fully immersive VR animated film that will take you to the wondrous world of Hallowood.


It tells the tale of Mean McGreedy a very selfish man who is unwilling to share his hoard of candy with the children of Hallowood. When a very special Trick 'r' treater calls, McGreedy and his dog, Growler, are taken on a journey that will show them the true meaning of Halloween.

Our Gangoul & Tricksy Trailer is set for release in December 2020, with the full animated feature set for release late 2021.


The Robot ScareCrow

The Robot Scarecrow is currently in pre-production.

When an Old Farmer Occupies 'Old crow farm' he doesn't realize the trouble he faces with its permanent tenants, The Crows. In his attempt to rid the farm of the pesky crows once and for all, he builds a giant Robot scarecrow that will not only spell the end for the crows but for all  life as we know it!

CHristmas Dalek Revolution

The Christmas Dalek Revolution is a fun 3D animation for all ages

At Christmas, the 'Daleks' send an army to invade the Earth. But there are those amongst the ranks who have a different idea. So begins the Dalek Christmas revolution.

With a little help

from the doctor.


Splat A Slug

Occasionally we do love to do other fun stuff. SPLAT A  SLUG is a mobile phone game for Microsoft and we were more than happy to provide the vendor with the animated graphic for this fun little game.

Help save the vegetables from the marauding slugs so the children at the orphanage will get their five a day.

Whatever you don't let the slugs eat all the veg. If you doits game over!!

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